70% of US Workers will quit their primary job?

Yahoo Finance Believes 70% of US Workers will quit their primary job this year and attempt to achieve income through multiple freelancing methods

  • AI and robotics will result in a net job loss labor market

  • ALREADY, close to 70% of Gen Z reports they will leave their business in 2023

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Boost up Payments Partnership Benefits

Increased Sales

Offering a seamless and secure online payment option can improve the overall shopping experience for customers, which can lead to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Reduced Fraud

Online payment systems typically come with built-in fraud prevention measures, such as encryption and fraud detection tools, which can help protect businesses from fraudulent transactions.

Cost Savings

Online payment systems can help businesses save on transaction fees, as well as the costs associated with manual payment processing and reconciliation.

Payment Options

Credit Card & Crypto

Preparing businesses for the future of payments now.

Increase your Revenue

Become an Agent

Providing you with the payment tools of the future, now.

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