Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other Cryptocurrencies.

Crypto payments automatically converted to USD and deposited into your account.


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Why it is Critical for Merchants?

Unlock the power of


89% of people made digital payments last year. As importantly, over 60% of them will use more than one form of digital payment this year. The urgency for Merchants to accept Crypto as one of the payment options that they offer their customers is increasing.

Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Many Blue Chip companies

are making the transition

Crypto is THE most rapidly adopted technology in all of history, double that of the internet. Unsurprisingly, it is being most rapidly adopted by Gen-Z and Millennials. From a business strategy perspective, it makes sense that Merchants would embrace Crypto as a form of payment. The problem has been one big thing: VOLATILITY

Why it is Critical for Merchants?

The Crypto Market is still in

its Infancy

The Crypto Market is still in its infancy and therefore is inherently more volatile than more mature Markets. It would make perfect sense for a Merchant to want to avoid the possibility of accepting a $100 Crypto payment for it only to be worth $90 a fwe days later.

Luckily BOOST UP PAYMENTS has solved this problem.

Let us tell you how.

An inventory of acceptable Crypto Coins/Tokens is held securely in our custody.

IMMEDIATELY when your customer send you the payment through our system, the equal $ dollar amount is liquidated from our reserves and converted to USD and sent to your bank account. This process happens automatically and result in:

  • NO MANUAL TRANSFERs (the deposit to your account happens automatically)
  • YOUR “COOL” Factor shooting through the roof with the younger generation
  • Not to mention the other benefits of:
  • A FLAT FEE that is less expensive than most Credit Cards


Our gateways offer easy integration with your website, and support multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards and cryptocurrency.

  • Seamless integration: Our eCommerce Gateways integrate with leading shopping carts and software, making it easy to start accepting payments on your website.
  • Advanced fraud detection: Our fraud detection tools use machine learning to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, keeping your business and customers safe.

Virtual Terminals

that need to securely accept credit card payments in a variety of environments. Here are just a few of the benefits and features that make our Virtual Terminal the best option for your business:

Easy to Use

Our intuitive interface makes it simple for businesses of all sizes to accept payments from anywhere with internet access.


Our Virtual Terminal works with any device with internet access, from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets.


Our Virtual Terminal uses the latest security technology to keep sensitive payment information safe from hackers and fraudsters.

Desktop Terminals

Host Merchant Services offers a wide variety of credit card machines for businesses throughout the United States and Canada. We offer the latest credit card machines including Pax, Dejavoo, Ingenico, Valor PayTech, Verifone, and more.

Point-Of-Sale Systems

We offer several different point of sale systems each with their own feature sets. Take a look into our offerings below. Our expert customer service representatives are happy to answer any questions you have and help you to understand your options.

Mobile Solutions

Our Mobile Solutions are perfect for everything from your food truck to your professional service.

Taking credit card transactions out in the field has several benefits, including:

  1. Increased sales: Accepting credit card payments on-the-go can help you capture sales you might otherwise miss out on when customers don’t have cash or checks available.
  2. Convenience: With mobile payment processing, you can accept payments from anywhere at any time, making it easier for your customers to pay you.
  3. Improved cash flow: Accepting credit card payments typically means faster access to funds, which can help improve your cash flow and simplify your accounting.
  4. Reduced fraud: EMV chip-enabled credit cards help reduce fraud, providing a more secure payment processing experience for both you and your customers.
  5. Better customer experience: Mobile payment processing can help you provide a better overall customer experience, making it easier and more convenient for your customers to pay you.

EVM Reader

Accept payments on-the-go with our Mobile EMV Reader. Securely process transactions using chip-enabled credit cards, with a lightweight design that connects to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth

  1. Contractors (e.g. home repair, landscaping)
  2. Service technicians (e.g. HVAC, plumbing)
  3. Caterers and food truck operators
  4. Mobile healthcare providers (e.g. home health aides)
  5. Event vendors (e.g. photographers, event planners)
  6. Taxi and ride-sharing drivers
  7. Street vendors and market sellers
  8. Landscapers and gardeners
  9. Cleaning services
  10. Pet groomers and walker

Wireless Terminals

Need something more robust than an EMV Chip Reader for accepting payments while you’re out in the field? Try one of our Wireless Terminals

The Clover Mini POS system is the ultimate all-in-one solution for mobile businesses. With its sleek and compact design, it’s the perfect device for accepting credit card payments on-the-go. The intuitive touchscreen interface and powerful software make transactions fast and easy, while the robust feature set, including inventory management and employee tracking, helps you run your business more efficiently. Plus, with 24/7 support and industry-leading security, the Clover Mini is the smart choice for any mobile business owner.

Something more basic?

The PAX A920 is a compact and versatile wireless payment terminal for mobile businesses that provides secure and speedy transactions, a large touchscreen, and a built-in receipt printer