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Why it is Critical for Merchants?

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89% of people made digital payments last year. As importantly, over 60% of them will use more than one form of digital payment this year. The urgency for Merchants to accept Crypto as one of the payment options that they offer their customers is increasing.

Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Many Blue Chip companies

are making the transition

Crypto is THE most rapidly adopted technology in all of history, double that of the internet. Unsurprisingly, it is being most rapidly adopted by Gen-Z and Millennials. From a business strategy perspective, it makes sense that Merchants would embrace Crypto as a form of payment. The problem has been one big thing: VOLATILITY

Why it is Critical for Merchants?

The Crypto Market is still in

its Infancy

The Crypto Market is still in its infancy and therefore is inherently more volatile than more mature Markets. It would make perfect sense for a Merchant to want to avoid the possibility of accepting a $100 Crypto payment for it only to be worth $90 a fwe days later.

Luckily BOOST UP PAYMENTS has solved this problem.

Let us tell you how.

An inventory of acceptable Crypto Coins/Tokens is held securely in our custody.

IMMEDIATELY when your customer send you the payment through our system, the equal $ dollar amount is liquidated from our reserves and converted to USD and sent to your bank account. This process happens automatically and result in:

  • NO MANUAL TRANSFERs (the deposit to your account happens automatically)
  • YOUR “COOL” Factor shooting through the roof with the younger generation
  • Not to mention the other benefits of:
  • A FLAT FEE that is less expensive than most Credit Cards